How often do we really take the time to sit, and enjoy the gifts of nature.  The free our minds of all the clutter that we face everyday?  We NEED the time to relax, stress seems to be the norm today, and for our own peace of mind, health, we have to find the time to just desensitize  our selves from our busy lives.  The calmness of a river’s edge, is often so inviting, beckoning us to just sit, dream, take our minds to another dimension, away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.  Take that time, you will feel so much better inside yourself.  You will help to refresh your mind,  lower your blood pressure, and just feel so much better!!!!pizap.com14711307203631 Continue reading


How often do we face struggles in our lives? Ready to give up? Thinking it will never get better?  We all think this way, and when we are in our struggles, we only think with a negative mindset.  Things never do last forever, our life’s struggles will dissipate eventually.  We have to believe, and hang on to that hope of it ending, bringing us peace again. The power of believing is a very strong word. If we don’t believe, what do we have left?  How do we move on?  No one ever said life would be easy, we just need to have faith in ourselves in our higher power, whatever you believe in.  Learn to breathe, slowly, meditate, bring calmness during your time of struggles. Most importantly…Believe.❤

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