The beauty in her sapphire blue eyes
tinged red from emotional tears.
Today, just one of those days!!
She feels the need to release what lurks inside.
Letting go of all the negative feelings,
the dark emotions that hold her back.
Like a volcano, ready to erupt.
Releasing all that is pend up inside!!
Some days we just need to let go.
Our inner self, once silent, now waking.
To cry, is not a weakness, but a cleansing
of our soul. To be renewed.
Telling ourselves, “All will be okay.”
Tears. Flush away the demons that hide inside.
Calling them out, finally being rid of them!!
Tears, help to wipe your inner emotions clean.
Unexpressed emotions. Held back like a dam.
Now, set free. Spewing away bad thoughts.
Making room for positives. Bringing peace
to your heart, your soul.
Her sapphire blue eyes speak. Telling us.
“It’s okay if you’re feeling
Prose by Mary Graziano©Nov. 2015
Revised October 23, 2016
Beautiful watercolour painting
& title “blue” by my fabulous friend
Michal Madison
Copyright 2014


How often do we feel this way?  Feeling blue.  We often hold it all in, afraid to release the pain, the emotions that go along with it.  Let the tears fall, let it release all the hurt, anger, sadness that builds up inside.  Let your emotions erupt, calmness will begin to overcome you.  Soon, all that is pent up will subside, you will begin to feel peace inside. The tears will stop, the hurt will dissipate.  All that was held deep inside, is now released, bringing an air of confidence, relief.  Never keep your emotions locked up.  Sometimes when we feel blue, that’s okay.  It brings along the tears, to wash away emotional baggage.


Children need to be taught at an early age to use their voice, not stay silent, be heard, no a good touch from a bad touch.  Children are so vulnerable, and trust adults.  This can sometimes be an advantage to an adult who wants to hurt a child whether it be sexual abuse, violent act etc.  Even within their own families, a child may not feel right when someone says something to them, and makes them uneasy.  A child has no way to defend themselves from predators!!!  

Children are our future, and we need to protect them.  They are unique, special in every way!!! If a child were taught at an early age to use their voice, when something feels uncomfortable, then maybe we can start changing society.  Sadly though, there are many adults who will find a way to get to a child no matter what.  WE the adult, need to be vigilant, keep our eyes open, to anything that may not seem a normal relationship between an adult and child.  Paedophiles, are everywhere, hide behind masks, pillars in our communities, churches, etc.  So many go undetected because we don’t expect that they would be someone who wants to harm a child.  How many times are we surprised when we hear that so and so was charged with sexual assault to a child.  That no one suspected it coming from someone who is known in their community (politician, clergy, judges, police officers etc.)

We need to protect our children as much as we can.  We need to be their voices, their eyes!!!! Children are afraid to speak up, often told if they tell, something bad will happen to them or their families.

Please, be a voice to the children of the world, of your community, in your own home.  Don’t ever think it won’t happen, Believe me I know first hand it does happen!!! Let’s try and decrease the incidences of child abuse!!!!!14502806_807764272660656_1673732613104150383_n


Mary E Graziano shared Michal Madison
This is Domestic Violence Prevention month ~ so many children have witnessed violence in their homes, have been a part of violence, something that happens every single day, Domestic Violence and abuse, never takes time off. Our children witness abuse in their families that stays with them for the rest of their lives. So much sadness, we need to be the voices for those who are not able to become free and escape the abuse that terrorizes them and their children. Call 911 or in the United States call The Domestic Abuse Hotline ~ 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) or in Canada this website has numbers for all provinces within Canada… ~ if you hear or see anything that looks suspicious. I wrote this poem to share with Michal Madison’s beautiful artwork. This is how we want kids to feel, to be happy to be able to live a life free from Domestic Violence in their homes. Please be a voice help stop Abuse of any kind.




How often do we really take the time to sit, and enjoy the gifts of nature.  The free our minds of all the clutter that we face everyday?  We NEED the time to relax, stress seems to be the norm today, and for our own peace of mind, health, we have to find the time to just desensitize  our selves from our busy lives.  The calmness of a river’s edge, is often so inviting, beckoning us to just sit, dream, take our minds to another dimension, away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.  Take that time, you will feel so much better inside yourself.  You will help to refresh your mind,  lower your blood pressure, and just feel so much better!!!!pizap.com14711307203631 Continue reading