How often do we face struggles in our lives? Ready to give up? Thinking it will never get better?  We all think this way, and when we are in our struggles, we only think with a negative mindset.  Things never do last forever, our life’s struggles will dissipate eventually.  We have to believe, and hang on to that hope of it ending, bringing us peace again. The power of believing is a very strong word. If we don’t believe, what do we have left?  How do we move on?  No one ever said life would be easy, we just need to have faith in ourselves in our higher power, whatever you believe in.  Learn to breathe, slowly, meditate, bring calmness during your time of struggles. Most importantly…Believe.❤

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Mary Graziano shared Michal Madison Art




Learn to be proud of your authentic, messy, self.
It’s who you are, even when you feel lost
within yourself thinking you are a failure!!
Failure can be turned around,
empowering you to keep going.
A challenge, to change. Accept it!!
Make it a turning point to who you really are.
Never mask your authenticity,
show your genuine self.
Never be afraid to feel, to speak up.
Say what you mean without trepidation.
With courage, to be heard for what you believe in!!
Our world, often saturated with chaos.
Being optimistic, you achieve, having tenacity
to persevere through the bumps in the road of life!!
By showing love for yourself first, only then
can you guide others to find love within themselves.
Our lives, often messy, never perfect.
It’s impossible!!
We all have imperfections. Not one person
is better than another. Our Creator
made us unique for a reason.
Our imperfections show us who we truly are.
Empowering others, showing them how
accepting of ourselves we are. In turn,
they too may learn to accept their genuine self.
Demonstrate respect for others, listening to their views
never tearing it apart!!
Words are like a jigsaw puzzle, can be broken
apart by hate, or put back together
solidly, bringing love, understanding,
hope to the world!!
One word can change the whole meaning.
Learn to be proud of your vulnerabilities.
Dare greatly, be yourself.
Authentic, Messy, Imperfect!!

Prose by Mary Graziano©2016

Beautiful watercolour painting
title “Dare Greatly” & words
“Authentic, Messy, Imperfect”
by my Incredible, inspiring, friend
Michal Madison©2015