Children who face abuse often feel like they are living deep inside a tunnel. A tunnel that grips them, unable to leave.  Feeling swallowed whole, left to their own demise, with no one coming to help rescue them.  Their lives, ruined forever. They live it every day.  

When someone turns a blind eye to abuse, it’s as if a child or anyone being abused doesn’t matter.  It’s like you are shutting the door, so you don’t have to see it, hear it,know about it. People sometimes feel that if it doesn’t pertain to them, then why bother!! Abuse won’t go away if we don’t as adults acknowledge that it is happening. Children need our help, they are afraid to come forward.  Afraid that they won’t be believed.  I felt that way as a child. I didn’t tell because who is going to believe that my abuser would do something to me?  So I stayed quiet, letting it fester inside of me for years, until I could take it no longer!!! Reach out to a child/person who you may know is being abused.  Listen if someone tells you that they are living a hell on earth.  Most of the time, they are not lying, not trying to get attention.  Listen with an open heart, find it in yourself to become aware.  If an animal was being abused so many people would come forward to help rescue them.  Why is it an animal receives more help than a human?  What is wrong with that picture?  Think about it, really think hard!!!! It’s up to all of us as adults to help, to fight for all things that hurt an innocent child.  Let’s change the statistics on abuse…STAND UP FOR A CHILD LIVING IN A TUNNEL of ABUSE!!! Do your part!!!

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Children need to be taught at an early age to use their voice, not stay silent, be heard, no a good touch from a bad touch.  Children are so vulnerable, and trust adults.  This can sometimes be an advantage to an adult who wants to hurt a child whether it be sexual abuse, violent act etc.  Even within their own families, a child may not feel right when someone says something to them, and makes them uneasy.  A child has no way to defend themselves from predators!!!  

Children are our future, and we need to protect them.  They are unique, special in every way!!! If a child were taught at an early age to use their voice, when something feels uncomfortable, then maybe we can start changing society.  Sadly though, there are many adults who will find a way to get to a child no matter what.  WE the adult, need to be vigilant, keep our eyes open, to anything that may not seem a normal relationship between an adult and child.  Paedophiles, are everywhere, hide behind masks, pillars in our communities, churches, etc.  So many go undetected because we don’t expect that they would be someone who wants to harm a child.  How many times are we surprised when we hear that so and so was charged with sexual assault to a child.  That no one suspected it coming from someone who is known in their community (politician, clergy, judges, police officers etc.)

We need to protect our children as much as we can.  We need to be their voices, their eyes!!!! Children are afraid to speak up, often told if they tell, something bad will happen to them or their families.

Please, be a voice to the children of the world, of your community, in your own home.  Don’t ever think it won’t happen, Believe me I know first hand it does happen!!! Let’s try and decrease the incidences of child abuse!!!!!14502806_807764272660656_1673732613104150383_n



We need to be the voice for the many children, who are alone, who have no voice, scared, defeated by their abuser.  They are shadows in the night!!! Fearful of their lives.  Many of us are survivors of abuse, we know what it is like for them.  We know the terror they feel, how the shadows in the night time mean only one thing to them.  Silenced by their abusers, knowing if they tell bad things can happen to them, to their families.  Their lives are empty. Hearts crushed.   Let’s help stop this cycle of abuse.  Know the signs. Be their voice.  Don’t turn away. They need us, need our trust. Don’t let the children down!!! 



Childhelp Village.
Dedicated to helping children.
Severely neglected.
Bringing hope.
To lives so innocent.
Others thought.
Were unfix-able.
“Throw away kids.”
Six to sixteen year old children.
Who every day.
Lived with the pain.
Stole their childhood.
Silenced by their abusers.
Never to be.
That innocent child again.
Secrets so deep.
Not trusting.
Living in trepidation. Silence!!
Who others gave up on.
Here at Childhelp Village.
So much compassion.
Security. Love. Freedom from fear.
No more abuse!!
From the storms.
Of their past.
Childhelp Village.
A place they can finally.
Call home.
Acres with beautiful scenery.
Serene. Open space.
Takes them away.
From their living hell!!
Childhelp Village. Lovingly.
Opens their doors. To the many.
Bruised. Fearful. Tearful faces.
So many feelings. Of apprehension.
Unsure of strangers. Because.
Abuse was all they knew.
The Village. Offers an experience.
Of positive feelings. Self worth.
Where. Each child can sleep.
Peacefully. Without any doubts. Fears.
Feeling secure.
In the darkness of night.
Wrapped in their “Blankets of Hope.”
Made with love.
Their Ganz bears. Other stuffies. Donated.
“We are the Forgotten children.
Please stand up and fight for us.
Help keep away.
The monsters from hell.
Who abused us in every way.”
I write these words.
For all children small.
That little child in me.
Silenced then.
Not anymore!!
I will keep shouting.
Help set them free.
Thank you Childhelp Village.
Where so many help to love.
All the children.
Entering their doors.
Giving them.
A chance of a new life.
A new beginning.
From the horrors.
They faced. Everyday!!
Above the entrance door.
Are the words.

Prose by Mary Graziano
August 12, 2014
Revised March 8, 2016
Watercolour painting and some editing by
Michal Madison
Vulnerable Expressions of Raw Emotion

The Blankets of Hope, were made by Michal Madison, and a group of volunteers They were donated to Childhelp Village in Beaumont, California at Christmas time. I contacted many many toy maker companies, and Ganz in Canada, donated boxes of stuffed animals to the children. I wanted them to have something to cuddle while they were snuggled in their blankets. I thank all the volunteers who helped Michal in this huge endeavour, and to Ganz Canada for the kind donation. mg..

Michal Madison's photo.
Mary E Graziano Blankets of Hope.

Mary E Graziano's photo.
Mary E Graziano Donation by Ganz Canada.

Mary E Graziano's photo.