The way you look at life, determines how you will live it.  As you journey through your healing, there will often be times when you feel you can’t go on, where you let the negatives take over and stamp out all the positives that ever helped you along the way. Having an attitude of being positive helps in so many ways, the way you feel inside, the way you look to others etc. If you choose to take the detour and live in a negative mindset, your healing journey will be forever long.  You will feel down more than up, you will wear a frown and a sad face, even though on the outside you may appear to others as happy, you yourself know that on the inside you are feeling poorly. Find that positive, one small positive feeling will lead to a “snowball effect.” Your world will become more in tune if you can look at the world with a positive attitude. Fight the negatives, see the blueness in the sky, listen to the birds chirp, feel the warmth of the sun on your face, these are all positives, let it turn you around little by little, and your healing journey will feel like you are on the road to a better place, to a better you.  You are worth it. Be positive, be happy!!! 16665899_10158298730120232_605249053230998178_o


With Michal Madison
Both Michal and I believe in this so much. What or who you are on the outside, is not important. What is important is who you are on the inside. No one should discriminate because of how a person looks, the gender, race, etc. Our looks define us!! We are all unique individuals. That’s what makes the “world go round.” My prose I think says it all!!!


Define yourself
Go against the grain.
Embrace your inner passion for life.
Don’t succumb to others expectations.
Find your own way.
Become a unique individual.
Let your dreams unfold.
Express yourself with confidence.
Shatter the glass ceiling.
Be bold.
Be a risk taker!!
Others will follow.
Aspiring to your own dreams
will pave the way.
Be the change for our future.
Break through judgements of others
showing who you truly are.
Most importantly, be true to yourself!!
Believe in who you are.
Your talents are important.
Your cultural uniqueness is
a gift from Creator.
All races are equal in the eyes of God.
No matter your ethnic background
Black, White, Asian, etc.
be a part in ending discrimination!!
Be inclusive.
Embrace everyone.
Taking away ethnicity breaks one’s spirit.
Diversity is powerful. Fulfilling.
Set a precedent for all cultures.
End stereotyping.
Go beyond what others see.
Discover your own biases that distort truth,
blinding you to who you truly are
and who others are.
Be a part of tearing down the walls separating us by race, religion,
gender, sexual orientation.
Never confine yourself, or anyone else to a defined class.
We can all broaden our horizons.
Looks on the outside should
never mask what is on the inside.
Your true value is who you are INSIDE!!
Never let condescending attitudes
break you.
Never let others defeat you.
Strive to meet challenges with dignity, grace & integrity.
Allow conflict to make you stronger.
Push forward with determination.
Be courageous.
Be different.
Be yourself!!

Prose by Mary Graziano©2016

Fabulous Watercolour painting
by my wonderful friend
Michal Madison
copyright 2016





Deep down inside you, lives your inner child. We all have an inner child inside, some are waiting to come forward, some are afraid, afraid because the past made them silent, with no voice.  Call out to your inner child, tell her/him that they are safe.  Speak softly to them, they peer out but withdraw quickly.  Sit, play, sing, dance, let them see you are happy, free, able to move forward on your journey to healing.  All our inner child wants is to become one with us.  Let them know they are loved deeply.  Slowly your inner child will learn from you, will know they don’t need to fear any longer. The past can no longer hurt them or you… © 2016



The beauty in her sapphire blue eyes
tinged red from emotional tears.
Today, just one of those days!!
She feels the need to release what lurks inside.
Letting go of all the negative feelings,
the dark emotions that hold her back.
Like a volcano, ready to erupt.
Releasing all that is pend up inside!!
Some days we just need to let go.
Our inner self, once silent, now waking.
To cry, is not a weakness, but a cleansing
of our soul. To be renewed.
Telling ourselves, “All will be okay.”
Tears. Flush away the demons that hide inside.
Calling them out, finally being rid of them!!
Tears, help to wipe your inner emotions clean.
Unexpressed emotions. Held back like a dam.
Now, set free. Spewing away bad thoughts.
Making room for positives. Bringing peace
to your heart, your soul.
Her sapphire blue eyes speak. Telling us.
“It’s okay if you’re feeling
Prose by Mary Graziano©Nov. 2015
Revised October 23, 2016
Beautiful watercolour painting
& title “blue” by my fabulous friend
Michal Madison
Copyright 2014


How often do we feel this way?  Feeling blue.  We often hold it all in, afraid to release the pain, the emotions that go along with it.  Let the tears fall, let it release all the hurt, anger, sadness that builds up inside.  Let your emotions erupt, calmness will begin to overcome you.  Soon, all that is pent up will subside, you will begin to feel peace inside. The tears will stop, the hurt will dissipate.  All that was held deep inside, is now released, bringing an air of confidence, relief.  Never keep your emotions locked up.  Sometimes when we feel blue, that’s okay.  It brings along the tears, to wash away emotional baggage.